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Nifty Thrifty Fifty: Words with Common Prefixes and Suffixes
*109 labeled cards - 50 word cards and 59 prefix or suffix cards (printed on one  side) that can be easily cut apart. *resource guide *(5) 17 x 24 boards


cgp1 GETTING STARTED WITH LITERATURE CIRCLES Katherine L. Schlick Noe and Nancy J. Johnson
This super introduction to literature circles is a great companion to the widely-popular Literature Circles and Response, by Hill, Johnson, and Schlick Noe and Literature Circles Resource Guide, by Hill, Schlick Noe, and Johnson. Ideal for teachers just beginning to use literature circles in their classrooms, the book deals with the key components of goals, classroom climate, focus lessons, and extension projects.
*You can also phone in your information to - 718-605-1250.

cgpx LITERATURE CIRCLES RESOURCE GUIDE: Bonnie Campbell Hill, Educational Consultant,Katherine L. Schlick Noe, Seattle University,Nancy J. Johnson, Western Washington University
Teaching Suggestions, Forms, Sample Book Lists and Database with CD-ROM Here’s all the practical support you need to make literature circles succeed in your classroom! With the valuable resources presented in this new guide, you can get your students to think about their books before discussions . . . save time by using ready-made planning forms for various aspects of your program . . . find just the right theme to use with specific groups of kids . . . and much, much more. Included are: valuable class-room- tested, teacher-developed guidelines and forms for Organization, Discussion, Written Response, and Extension Projects . . . an additional section packed with ideas for involving families in sharing books at home . . . extensive lists of both familiar and more recent books you can use with your students — over 2000 titles in all . . . and a CD-ROM including the forms and teaching suggestions in the book and a database of 2000+ annotated children’s and young adult’s literature titles.
*You can also phone in your information to - 718-605-1250.

cgp2 LITERATURE CIRCLES AND RESPONSE Bonnie Campbell Hill, Nancy J. Johnson, and Katherine L. Schlick Noe, Editors
This much-needed resource helps you build a structure in which your students can explore books together. Packed with examples and ideas.
*You can also phone in your information to - 718-605-1250.

cgp3 CLASSROOM BASED ASSESSMENT Bonnie Campbell Hill, Cynthia Ruptic, and Lisa Norwick
See how other elementary school teachers weave assessment into their daily routines — and how you can too — in this resource and CD-ROM, both packed with new classroom-based assessment ideas and forms. Here’s what you need to make assessment work and to use authentic assessment to guide instruction and to prioritize, organize, and integrate what you already do.
*You can also phone in your information to - 718-605-1250.

cgp4 DEVELOPMENTAL CONTINUUMS: Bonnie Campbell Hill, Educational Consultant
A Framework for Literacy Instruction and Assessment K–8 with CD-ROM and 11 x 17 foldout - The second book in Bonnie Hill’s Corner Pieces of Assessment Series, this guide builds on the first book, Classroom Based Assessment (see page 4 of this Booklist for details) by linking assessment to developmental benchmarks in the continuums. These continuums can be aligned with national, state, and district standards and are based on current thinking about literacy acquisition, while reflecting a child-centered, constructivist, developmental philosophy of teaching and learning . . . yet they are practical and easy to use!
*You can also phone in your information to - 718-605-1250.


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