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Resources and Materials Available on Our Site

** CLICK on the CHECK MARK of the file of choice TO DOWNLOAD.
Assessment Word PDF
Ellin Keene's MPIR (Major Points Interview for Readers) Assessment click to download or right click to download and save
Major Points Interview for Readers (MPIR) retyped by Carrie
Ellin Keene's "Strategies Defined" from 2008
Ellin Keene's "Ways to Demonstrate Independence in Use of Comprehension Strategies"
Ellin Keene's Questions to Consider for Reading Conferences
Reading Conference Rubric
Self Selected Reading Rubric by Brad
Just Right Reading Conference
Reading Conference Form
Conference Form by Kathy
Strategy Rubrics K-5
Strategy Rubrics by Carrie and Kerry
Strategy Study Work Sample Ideas
Questions to Reflect Growth
Strategy Use Tracking Sheet
Reader's Checklist (grade 5) by Dee
Reader's Response Journal Evaluation from Shelly
Just Right Book Selection Rubric by Ginger
Independent Reading Rubric by Ginger
SSR Self Evaluation Rubric by Nicole
Literature Circles Student Self Evaluation by Donna
Strategy Assessment Rubric by Jen
Reader's Workshop Conference Form by Jan
Reading Conference Form from Regie Routman's Reading Essentials
Jennifer's Readers Workshop Conferencing Record
Strategy Use Tracking Sheets by Heather
Reading Rubric by Deb
Jennifer & Marisa's Conferencing Letter and Schedule
Fifth Grade Reading Rubric from Amanda
Strategy Assessment Chart by Lois
Reading Conference Protocol+Student Sheet by Mary Lou
Reading Conference Cards from Mary Lou
Retell Rubric from Mary Lou
Reader's Response Letter guidelines from Shelly
Reader's Response Log Evaluation Rubric from Shelly
MPIR (assessment) reformatted from Karen to 2 pages
Reading Conference Form-quarterly from Marcia and Kimberly
Questioning Pretest/Posttest from May
Visualizing Pretest from May
Lesson Plans Word PDF
K-2 Strategies a Teacher Website by Jennifer View Website
Year Comprehension Emphasis Chart from Cathy
Summarizing Instruction Tips by Kendra
Prerequisite Summarizing Skills by Kendra
Determining Importance
Brad's first week of school
Marcia's beginning of the year in second grade
Schema/Debbie Miller File Folder Lesson (adapted)
Introduction to Science Fiction Genre(w/prediction&fix-up strategies)
Activating Prior Knowledge
Schema lesson
Lesson on Setting Purpose/Nonfiction from Brad
Ginger's Questioning Strategy Study
Guide to Teaching Questioning compiled by Deb Smith
Example of THINKING ALOUD/questioning by Sharon
Grade 4/5 Questioning Study by Tandy
Questioning Lessons using Brave Irene by Camille
Questioning Lesson by Wendy
Questioning Lesson Using Art Prints by Camille
"Robert the Reader" (total reader brain) lesson by Kimberly and Marcia
PHOTO of "Robert the Reader" by Martha
Reading Strategy Talk
Ted Kesler's Standardized Testing 15 Day Study
Reading Workshop Planning Sheet by Shelly
Vocabulary Ideas from Deb Smith
MATH-using cognitive strategies in math by Laura
Artifact Presentation-beginning of year- with rubric from Carrie
Metacognition Study plans by Kelley
Schema Study plans by Kelley
Mental Images Study Plans by Kelley
Questioning Study Plans by Kelley
Just Right Book Selection Lesson by Ginger
Independent Reading Rubric Lesson by Ginger
Nonfiction Writing Lesson (Frogs/Toads) by Joan
Inferring lesson plan following the gradual release of responsibility by Cherie
Author Schema Study plan by Ginger
Sachiko lesson forms (blank and completed) by Donna
Chris Van Allsburg lessons and files by Dave
The Textmapping Project: A resource for teachers improving reading comprehension skills instruction by Dave Middlebrook  
First Grade Unit of Study-Determining Importance in Nonfiction and Fiction by Laura
Determining Importance in Nonfiction Think Aloud by Deb
Inferring Lesson Plan- Grade 3 by Elouise
Just Right Book Selection Lesson by Ginger
Marisa's Year-Long Reading Workshop Strategy Plans
Marisa's Schema-Making Connections Lessons
Just Right Conferences
Reciprocal Teaching-Teaching Children Four Basic Comprehension Strategies from Jeff Beal
QAR-Question Answer Relationship-Teaching Children Where to Seek Answers to Questions from Jeff Beal
Relationship Among Four Types of Questions from Jeff Beal
Question Answer Relationship Chart from Jeff Beal
Jennifer's Sample Lesson Plans
Jennifer's Reading Workshop- First Six Weeks
Jennifer's 25 Mini-Lessons for Asking Questions
Inferring Unit of Study by Sandi
Questioning Unit of Study by Sandi
Completing the Circle - Reaching Excellence: provides a culturally relevant reading curriculum for Native American children based on a rich body of American Indian literature and thematically related non Indian literature. The curriculum is implemented through research-based “best practices” and strategies for all children and extended to include additional research-based strategies found to be of particular usefulness for teaching Native American children. -from Sally  
Unit of Study/Sept./Launching Reading Workshop by Laura
Lesson Plan Template by Patti
K-2 Website for Strategy Instruction by Michele  
Book Sharing Choices by Tandy
Test Rap (test prep) with explanation from Gina
Inferring Mini Unit by Jennifer
Nonfiction Unit Study by Lori
Novel Study Project by Kerry
Yearly Suggested Curriculum Plans grades 1-6 by Carol (reduce size at the top and tabs along the bottom)  
Schema Unit of Study by Stacy. "BIG IDEAS" for Schema and Connections on the left of the unit, followed by mini-lesson topics, then teaching points.  
Metacognition Introductory Unit of Study by Ginger
Worksheets/Reporting Forms/etc. Word PDF
Plot Summary Chart-Somebody Wanted But So from Kendra
One Sentence Summary Chart from Kendra
Sensory Imagery Graphic Organizer
Strategies Graphic Organizers
Nonfiction Conventions Notebook
Literature Circle Role Sheets
Literacture Circle Roles Student Booklet by Donna
Book Review Sheet
Text Feature Search
Simple Inference Reporting Form
Good Readers Ask Questions Graphic Organizer by Tandy
Book Club Student Contract by Tandy
Book Club Guide Cue Card by Tandy
Question Quilt Sheet
Questioning- Thin/Thick Projects
"Thinking Spot" Graphic Organizer
5 Finger Rule Cue Card by Tandy
Strategies Bookmark by Sheila
Making Connections Cue Card by Tandy
Summary-Response Sheet by Tandy
Reading Responses
Strategy Use Reporting Form by Ginger
Determining Importance Notetaking Form by Joan
K2K Elements of Text template
Choosing Just Right Books-Five Finger Rule Bookmark by Kim  
What Do Good Readers Do? Bookmark by Kim  
Poetry Terms Bookmark by Kim  
Fix-Up Strategies bookmarks by Cherie
Author Schema Study packet by Ginger
THINKMARK by Donna  
Making Connections Thinkmark by Donna  
Asking Questions Thinkmark by Donna  
Strategy Songs bookmarks by Coralie
Inference Sheet for Questions Requiring Inferential Thinking from Heather
Books That I Have Read Sheet by Heather
Jennifer's Book Sort Graphic Organizer  
QAR Prompts by Kendra
Making Inferences Graphic Organizer by Kendra
Predicting and Inferring- The Difference by Kendra
Lay the Foundation for Inference by Kendra
Simple Sentences for Inference Practice by Kendra
Reading Quilt with Strategy Sheets by Sandi
K-W-H-L-S Chart by Angela
Nonfiction Conventions descriptors
Nonfiction Conventions Web from Shelly
Retelling (Somebody, wanted, but, so) from Joan
Summary Organizer (five facts of fiction) from Mary Lou
Inferring Words Chart from Carolyn
Inferring 2 Column Notes from Carolyn
Changing Mental Images from Carolyn
Connections-Schema from Carolyn
Mental Images Conversations from Carolyn
Mental Images from Carolyn
Inferring Poem from Carolyn
Prediction Page from Carolyn
Schema Worksheet from Carolyn
Synthesis Wheel from Carolyn
Synthesizing Sheet from Carolyn
Text to Text Venn Diagram from Carolyn
Staff Development
Ellin Keene's "What's Essential" outline 2008
Ellin Keene's Cueing Systems 2008
Essential Cognitive Reading Matrix from Peter. This is a great quick referral matrix that is adapted from Ellin Keene's work.
2003 Chicago Notes on Ellin Keene's "Tapping the Power of Thinking to Teach Reading Comprehension" Workshop by Deb/Ginger
Ellin Keene Workshop Notes by Terry
Ellin Keene's Definitions of Strategies with suggested study included
Ellin Keene's NEW Gradual Release of Responsibility Phase/ PLANNING TEMPLATE  
Ellin Keene's "To Understand" List
Ellin Keene's "What is a Crafting Session?"
Ellin Keene's "A Closer Look at a Crafting Session"
Ellin Keene's "Beginning of the Year Planning Questions to Discuss"
Ellin Keene's "Beginning of the Year in Cornerstone Schools"
Ellin Keene's "What To Look For In Instructional Practices"
Ellin Keene's "Literacy Classroom Walkthrough"
Ellin Keene's "What Matters Most" (lesson observation form)
Ellin Keene's "What is Composing Meaning?"
Ellin Keene's "What is an Invitational Group? and words of caution"
Ellin Keene's "What is a Reflection Session?"
Gradual Release of Responsibility (Ginger/Jan's interpretation)
Teacher Assessment
Surface Structure Systems/Deep Structure Systems from Ellin Keene
Connecting Reading/Writing from Ellin Keene
Reading/Writing Thinking Strategies from Ellin Keene
Linda Gambrell Self Selected Reading Workshop Notes
Ginger's graduate course journal
Schema Handout by Deb Smith
Sensory Images Handout by Deb Smith
Questioning Handout by Deb Smith
Prediction Handout by Deb Smith
Inferring Handout by Deb Smith
Determining Importance Handout by Deb Smith
Synthesis Handout by Deb Smith
Activating Relevant Prior Knowledge Documents(Madison, WI)  
Determining Most Important Ideas and Themes(Madison, WI)  
Asking Questions(Madison, WI)  
Creating Visual and Other Sensory Images from Text(Madison, WI)  
Drawing Inferences from Text(Madison, WI)  
Retelling or Synthesizing What They Have Read(Madison, WI)  
Utilizing a Variety of Fix-Up Strategies to Repair Comprehension(Madison, WI)  
Staff Development session
Questioning, Predicting, Inferring Workshop Plans by Deb and Tammie
Nonsense Text Piece from Shelly
Basic Mosaic of Thought Discussion Questions by Ginger
Mosaic of Thought Study Guide by Russell Yates
Mosaic of Thought Book Group Study Guide by Martha
MOT-STW-RWM-Put Reading First Research Correlation Chart by Lois
Recommended Professional Reading List compiled by Georgina
Jill Eggleton Workshop-day one notes by Lori
Fluency Pamphlet (long) by Lois
Elements of Genres by Diane (html file)  
Debbie Miller presentation notes by Nelle
Student Reading Comprehension Strategies explanation from Leslie  
Study Guide for "Explaining Reading" by Jeff
Notes and website info from Harvey Daniels Workshop by Nelle
Debbie Miller "Happy Reading" video tape one and two discussion questions from Martha
Teacher Study Group log by Ann
Mosaic of Thought web sites from Dave
"Exploring the Cueing Systems" activity for Staff Development by Elouise
METACOGNITION ideas/thoughts from Deb
Inservice write up by Heather
Strategies and Standards Correlation Chart grades 3-5 from Michele
Strategy Instruction Workshop by Jama
Stephanie Harvey Literacy Conference Notes from Susan
Reading With Meaning Book Study from Irene
Ellin Keene Southwest Regional IRA notes by Martha
Website: "Literacy Coaching Toolbelt" by Michele (GREAT site for all teachers!!!!)  
Reading With Meaning Notes-Asking Questions from from Carolyn  
Reading With Meaning Notes-Community Building from Carolyn  
Reading With Meaning Notes-Determining Importance in Nonfiction from Carolyn  
Reading With Meaning Notes-Digging Deeper from Carolyn  
Reading With Meaning Notes-Inferring from Carolyn  
Reading With Meaning Notes-Mental Images from Carolyn  
Reading With Meaning Notes-Schema from Carolyn  
Reading With Meaning Notes-Synthesizing from Carolyn  
Writing Word PDF
Hamline LIteracy Institute Writing Workshop notes by Lori
WRITING-Ways to Publish Students' Writing and Research by Kim
Katie Wood Ray workshop notes by Lori
Ruth Culham workshop notes by Carol
WRITING-mini lessons for writing workshop by Kelley
Writing Traits Songs on CD by Tanny  
6 Traits Posters (intermediate) by Donna
Organization Unit of Study by Sandi
Word Choice/Sentence Fluency/Persuasive Writing Unit of Study by Sandi
Creating a Community of Writers-The First 20 Days of School by Carol  
Unit of Study/Sept./Launching Writing Workshop by Laura
Calkins Unit of Study Literature List K-2 from Linda  
A Parent's Guide to Teaching Comprehension Strategies brochure by Lori
7 Keys Parent Handout from Sandi
Parent Workshop Early Literacy PART 1 (schedule and details) from Patty
Parent Workshop Early Literacy PART 2 (parent information) from Patty
Jennifer's Tips for Parents- Encouraging Questioning
Parent Information Brochure from Karyn
Schema Parent Newsletter by Jennifer  
PowerPoint Presentations Word PDF

The twelve Reading Strategies PowerPoints below were created for system-wide school development in Elkhart, Indiana.

Each Power Point presentation takes approximately fifteen minutes. Permission has been given for list-serve members to use these Power Points for their own school presentations.

*These PowerPoints are generously shared by Beth Suderman

**CLICK on the TITLE to OPEN the PowerPoint presentation. You must have PowerPoint loaded on your computer in order to view these.

1. Introduction- Reading Strategies Overview
2. Introduction- Explicit Instruction
3. Connect to the Text
4. Ask Questions
5. Expand Vocabulary
6. Predict and Prove
7. Sense It
8. Determining What's Important
9. Inference - Conclusion
10. Summarize Synthesize
11. Check Your Understanding
12. Build Fluency
Other PowerPoint Presentations Word PDF
Planting a Literacy Garden-training PPT by Michele (primary comprehension)
Armadillies: Fiction and Nonfiction PPT by Melinda
Mittens and Other Winter Things PPT by Melinda
Critical Literacy PPT by Brigitte
Sight Word PPT by Jenn
"Confer With Me" PPT on Reading Conferences by Jenn
"Improving Comprehension for All Learners through Stamina Reading, Metacognition, and Strategy Instruction" by Linda and Denise.
Photographs Word PDF
Clarifying Words Anchor Chart from Jennifer  
Mental File Chart from Jennifer  
Introducing Venn Diagrams from Jennifer  
Questioning board from Jennifer  
Reading Graphs Anchor Chart from Jennifer  
Reading is.... Anchor Chart from Jennifer  
Class Promise from Jennifer  
Classroom Library Genre Baskets from Jennifer  
Story Structure board from Jennifer  
Tricky Word Strategy "Stretch-It Out"  
Tricky Word Strategy "Look at the Picture"  
Tricky Word Strategy "Get Your Lips Ready"  
Tricky Word Strategy "Skip-It and Read to the End and Go Back and Reread"  
Tricky Word Strategy "Ask For Help"  
Tricky Word Strategy "Try It Again"  
Tricky Word Strategy "Chunk the Word"  
36 Anchor Charts by Kelly and Ginger  
Classroom Monthly Chants from Deb Smith
*docs have all months except July.
Strategy Posters by Donna *this page takes a while to load. You can click on the view and enlarge it to see more details.  
Strategy Book List from Deb Smith
Questioning Book List from Deb Smith
Author Schema example 1
Author Schema example 2
Text Type Schema example
Inference Poster by Vickie
Schema Poster by Dawn
Types of Questions Poster by Sheila
Sara Holbrook Poems
Book List- Utilizing Picture Books In the Intermediate Grades from Georgina
Comprehension Strategy Songs on CD by Tanny
Profundity-Expository Packet by Jeff
Profundity-Sample Lesson Plan for Expositry by Jeff
Profundity Scale Question Stems from Jeff
Profundity Matrix- Narrative from Jeff
Profundity Scale- Narrative from Jeff
Profundity in the Margins- Narrative from Jeff
Profundity Thematic Unit for primary PART ONE (long) from Jeff
Profundity Thematic Unit for primary PART TWO (long) from Jeff
Profundity Thematic Unit for intermediate (long) from Jeff
Profundity Book List by Deb
Suggested titles for 5th grade level readers compiled by Mary
Leave Tracks of Your Thinking poster by Kelley
Book Leveling Sites
Book Leveling Correlation Guide from Dominie Kit  
Products to Enhance Teaching (includes Comprehension Posters) from Jeff  
Strategy Book List from Jackie
Picture Book List for Modeling Strategy Instruction compiled by Kelly (all strategies)
Wordless Picture Books from Ginger
Picture Books for Older Readers from Ginger
Teaching Reading Comprehension to Struggling and At Risk Readers: Strategies That Work-Masters Thesis by Ellen
Debbie Miller's book list from her presentation
Inferring Steps Poster from Carolyn
Questioning-Coding Answers Poster from Carolyn
Book Schema Poster from Carolyn
Synthesis Retell Poster from Carolyn
Correlation Matrix- Reading Strategies, Genre, Writing Form, and Text Models by Glenda
"What kind of a reader are you?" Chart from Michelle
"Literacy Studio" outline for Pike School Dist. from Katherine  
Sample 1st Grade Schedule for Pike School Dist. from Katherine  
Sample 3rd Grade Schedule for Pike School Dist. from Katherine  
Bibliography for Idea Trait Primary Grades (Mentor Text) from Ellen  
Bibliography for Voice Trait Primary Grades (Mentor Text) from Ellen  
Friendly Letter Matrix (Rubric) from Angela
Grade 3/4 Extended Response Rubric from Carol
Grade 5/6 Extended Response Rubric from Carol
Grade 7/8 Extended Response Rubric from Carol
Lit2Go - Audio MP3 Files. Database includes Reading Level
Florida has a wonderful site that provides hundreds of books and stories you can downlaod to play on your computer or for playback on devices like iPod or Zune.
click to visit the site
Resources for Literacy from Sally. This is an annotated list that has mainly websites along with a few other print and other resources.



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