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Owl Poems

Owl Poems

Owl The Wise Owl
The wise old owl
Sat in an oak.
The more he saw,
The less he spoke.
The less he spoke,
The more he heard.
Why can't we be like
That wise old bird?


One wise owl sitting in a tree
Hooted to another, "Come sit with me."
Two wise owls sitting in a tree
Hooted to one more, "Come let's be three!"
Three wise owls sitting in a tree
Hooted to a fourth, "Come quietly."
Four wise owls sitting in a tree
Hooted to a fifth, "Join our family."
Five wise owls sang "Whooo, whooo, whooo!"
And before you knew it, away they all flew!


Five Little Owls
Five little owls in an old elm tree,
Fluffy and puffy as owls could be,
Blinking and winking with big round eyes
At the big round moon that hung in the skies.
As I passed beneath, I could hear one say,
"There'll be mouse for supper, there will, today!"
Then all of them hooted "Tu -whit, Tu-whoo!"
Yes, mouse for supper, Hoo hoo, Hoo hoo!"


I Talk With the Moon
I talk with the moon, said the owl
While she lingers over my tree
I talk with the moon, said the owl
And the night belongs to me.

I talk with the sun, said the wren
As soon as he starts to shine
I talk with the sun, said the wren
And the day is mine.


An owl sat alone
On the branch of a tree
And he was as quiet
As quiet could be.
His eyes were open,
And round like this: OO
He looked all around,
Not a thing did he miss.

Some children crept up
To the branch of the tree
And they were as quiet
As quiet could be.
Said the wise old owl
"Too wooh! To wooh!
Then up jumped the children
And away they flew!


Wise Mister Owl,
Keen as he can be,
Quietly watches
From up in his tree.
Suddenly he spies
A fine tasty treat,
Far off in a field,
Ah, something to eat!


Four Little Owls
Four little owls sitting in a tree
The first one said, "Whoo look at me."
The second one said, "We have very large feet."
The third one said, "We also eat meat."
The fourth one said, "Come on, let's fly!"
Away they went, high up in the sky.


Mr. Owl
I saw an owl up in a tree
I looked at him and he looked at me.
I couldn't tell you about his size
For all I saw were two big eyes.


The Owl
by William Jay Smith

The Owl that lives in the old oak tree
Opens his eyes and cannot see
When it's clear as day to your and me;
But not long after the sun goes down
And the Church Clock strikes in Tarrytown
And Nora puts on her green nightgown,
He opens his big bespectacled eyes
And shuffles out of the hollow tree,
And flies and flies
and flies and flies,
And flies and flies
and flies and flies.


The Owl
The owl is wary, the owl is wise.
He knows all the names of the stars in the skies.
He hoots and he toots and he lives by his wits,
but mostly he sits. . . (and he sits. . . and he sits).


by X.J. Kennedy

The diet of the owl is not
For delicate digestions.
He goes out on a limb to hoot
Unanswerable questions

And just because he winks like men
Who utter sage advice,
We think him full of wisdom when
He's only full of mice.

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