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Reading Comprehension

Two Books A while back I wrote to ask about specific lessons that teachers had written the comprehension strategies in Mosaic of Thought, since I wanted to do some lessons in second grade classrooms. Right after that I got the book Strategies That Work. The two books together have been just what I needed to write the lessons In order to write my lessons I found myself:
  • using lessons right from Strategies That Work, but substituting books (in most cases) that I thought were best for the second grade kids I work with.
  • adding some of the specific language from Mosaic of Thought to the lesson to clarify, for students, how the activity would help them be a better reader.
  • modifying some of the lessons from Strategies That Work for 2nd grade (it is a K-12 book).
In Strategies That Work the authors talk about "anchor lessons" and the importance of using the first lessons as a way for students to remember a specific strategy and remember it. I have tried to write some "anchor" lessons. I began my work with students last week and will continue through June. I am sure I will revise my lessons many times.

I am guessing that these lessons could fit well in the guided reading block, since the focus is on comprehension.

To view the lessons, use the list of resources in the section below. These pages were written and created by Cherri Summ, a staff developer in California.

Comprehension Lessons based on Mosaic of Thought by Ellin Keene and Susan Zimmerman and Strategies That Work by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis.

Consider checking out: Study Guide for Strategies That Work

Comprehension Resources from the Reading Lady

The links below take you to Reading Lady web pages that have content about Comprehension Strategies:

Comprehension Strategy Posters
Connections and Schema
Determining Importance
Fix-up Strategies
Questioning Strategies
Questioning Strategies - The Wall
Sensory Images
Strategy Instruction
Study Guide
Text to Self Lesson Plan 1
Text to Self Lesson Plan 2
Text to Text Lesson Plan 1
Text to World Resources
Think Alouds
Visualizing Lesson Plan

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