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What are the details on becoming a ReadingLady.com affilate?

  • You earn money
  • No extra charge for using it.
  • Easy for you to setup
  • A simple but functional system.

Becoming a ReadingLady.com Affilate is as easy as putting a link on your site.  Once that link is put on your site and your site visitors use it to access ReadingLady.com you are on your way to earning commissions.

In order to become an affilate you must apply and because of the Internal Revenue System you must provide specific information. Once you have satisfactorily completed the following form, you will be sent an email indicating your approval. The email will contain your specific affilate identification and the initial code for setting up your link to ReadingLady.com.

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I understand and agree that commissions on books sold will be 5% (five percent) of the price the book is sold for, not including shipping and taxes.

I further understand that the minimum check pay out is $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) and appreciate commissions will be accumulated until that minimum figure is reach, unless special arrangements have been made with ReadingLady.com.

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