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This interactive forum often provides a lifeline to educators in what can be an isolated profession.

Professional Reading Group was founded to inspire teachers to continue to learn and grow as educators. This group discusses their professional readings via an online mailring. In addition, every month or two, one book is selected as our featured selection. The primary focus of these selections will be early childhood and elementary education. Topics will include Professional Development selections from all major content areas. Discussions will focus on utilizing ideas from our reading in our classrooms. Whenever possible, the author of our featured selection is invited to address our questions, through an online chat. You will be notified of these events as they are scheduled.

The Energy
To Teach
Donald H. Graves

 Over the course of a year you and thousands of other teachers will spend countless hours with children and experience the full range of emotion associated with parenting. Every day you will be second-guessed by parents, administrators, and pundits who have never taught. Standardized tests will be mandated that try to govern the teaching transactions you make with children.
It's no wonder that many teachers these days are feeling drained and it's no surprise that Don Graves is ready to offer his uncommon insight, unwavering support, and unbounded hope for the future. "The idea for The Energy to Teach," Don relates, "began with the startling contrast I noted between much of the fatigue in the profession and the promised energy in curriculum." This led to eighteen months of extensive interviews, with educators and others across the country, beginning with the questions: What gives you energy, what takes energy away, and what, for you, is a waste of time?

Based on these interviews--plus Don's extensive experience as a teacher and researcher--The Energy to Teach offers groundbreaking insight on how highly effective teachers deal with emotional demands, and how they gain help and support from their colleagues and administrators. It explains what gives them energy, how they handle energy-draining situations, and how they cope with this never-ending emotional roller coaster.

What's more, Don offers proven-effective techniques. You'll discover how to find out exactly when energy is added, expended, or wasted; conserve more energy; build energy with colleagues; induce an energy surge when it's urgently needed; transform energy-draining situations into energy-giving events; and much more. Just as important, you'll find comfort and encouragement from someone who for two decades has served as a wise and compassionate mentor to thousands of educators.

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