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We have vastly expanded this section of our site for your enjoyment. We’ve added several features, such as:

  • Newsletter Registration
    For regular “E-Mail Newsletter”
  • Live Online Chat
    We’ll have live online chat sessions with book authors and guests from the educational community. The Chat Room will be available 24/7 for inpromptu chat sessions as well.
  • Message Board
    A unique feature where you can go to ask questions or get involved in on going communication between yourself and other site visitors.
  • Promotion
    Because of the many requests for link banners, we have made available a number of ReadingLady.com banners in various sizes to accomodate the desires of our users to advertise our site on their sites.
  • Faq’s
    There is now a Frequently Asked Question section, where you will find answers to our most commonly asked question.

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