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Welcome to Readinglady.com, an online resource for educators seeking to interact with other educators as they expand their understanding of literacy teaching. To that end, the Four Blocks method of teaching, as developed by Cunningham and Hall is outlined and explored. A recommended reading list has been provided, as well as numerous teaching resources and ready to implement lesson plans.

To thank you for your continued support I strive to find you the best prices on all the professional resources you want. Get prices, then check with me before placing your order. Whenever possible, I will match or beat any price.

ReadingLady.com was founded by Laura Kump. All orders and requests for information receive the personal attention you want with in stock materials being shipped out within 24 hours of receipt. Laura received her MSEd., Reading Specialist, from St. John's University in New  York. Currently she lives in Staten Island, NY, where she teaches 1st and  2nd grade as part a looping program she initiated. In addition, she has  worked as a Reading Specialist, addressing the literacy needs of students in grades K-5.

Laura has provided staff development workshops on Reading  Assessment, and serves as a mentor teacher.  In January of 2000, Laura was asked to present at the Four Blocks Leadership Conference held in Winston Salem, NC. In April of 2000 she presented at the Four Blocks Institute as  part of the IRA Conference held in Indianapolis, IN.  In January of 2001, Laura was invited back to present at the Four Blocks Leadership Conference.  In April 2001 Laura and her looping partner were invited to speak at the Four Blocks Institute at IRA in New Orleans, LA.

Laura was one of 30 teachers selected by Pat Cunningham and Dottie Hall to write a chapter in their new book, True Stories From Four Blocks Classrooms.  Her chapter tells of her transition to implementing the Four Block framework in her  classroom.  She looks forward to writing more in the near future.

Laura is also the founder of Professional Reading Group, which was founded to inspire teachers to continue to learn and grow as educators. As part of this group, she writes educational book reviews, and conducts live author interviews. Transcripts of these interviews are available online. Laura's main professional goal is to create collaboration  between educators as they seek to improve literacy education for all children.

ReadingLady.com was founded to provide personal support to teachers and offer them access to the best teaching resources on the  market. Laura previews and selects all the materials that are included on this site. She is always available for help in selecting materials that are best suited to your needs. It is her desire to make these resources  available at prices that teachers can afford.

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