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[Past Newsletters]

             FrontLine Teaching
       Published By ReadingLady.com
             November 5, 2001

1) Funny Stories
2) Articles Needed
3) Read Alouds by Laura Kump
4) What's New
5) Message Board

Funny Stories

We know as teachers you experience many humorous times
and we are asking you to share them with us.
Each week when we publish this weekly newsletter we
will include some of the submissions for your
enjoyment and amusement. E-mail submissions to


Articles Needed

Articles are needed for Thanksgiving and Christmas
in respect to how you tailor lessons in the classroom
to fit the occassion.


Laura Kump - Read Alouds

I am often asked what books I use for read alouds
in my classroom. I have used many books with my students
through the years, but find myself returning to several
books year after year. The books have become the
cornerstones of my literacy teaching.  I find that the more
complex stories make for better choices for my read aloud.
The vocabulary and opportunity for language development in
this books is far superior to that of traditional leveled books.

I was told by a colleague that Chris Van Allsburg's books
were too high end for first grade students.  I decided to
go with my gut and did the author study anyway. They were fine,
in fact they were able to sit for the readings of books and
were mesmerized by them. We read -The Sweetest Fig -
(inference, questioning and empathy), Jumanjii - (questioning,
author's message), Just a Dream - (inference, questioning,
author's message), Two Bad Ants- (inference, questioning,
author's message). My first graders came up with the following
ideas at the end of the study:

Author's Purpose - 1) To make us read his books; 2) To teach
the reader lessons; 3) To tell us to treat others as we want
to be treated.

Author's Style - 1)books that have some magic; 2) books that
have dreams that come true; 3) books that are a little strange.

Our next author study was David Wiesner. We read several of
his books - Free Fall (wordless) (inferences), Hurricane
- (questioning, inference), The Three Pigs - (questioning,
inference), Sector 7 - (wordless) (inferences), June 29 -
(questioning) and Tuesday - (wordless) (inferences, questioning).
Again I was impressed with what they took away from the study.

Author's Purpose - 1) To show us how to use our imaginations.

Author's Style - 1) Beautiful illustrations; 2) illustrations
with a lot of detail; 3) some kind of flying in all his books.

We've also read many fables and folktales. They are wonderful
for teaching children to question and make inferences. My
writing minilessons came from them as well. We talked about
using interesting words and as I read aloud I say things like
- depart, what an interesting way to say leave.  As we come
across words that they didn't know,  I pointed out - the author
could of said big, but he used this interesting word ____, isn't
that great.  Their writing has really shown an attempt by them
to use more interesting vocabulary. They have been using words
like - fantastic, delighted, delicious (not good!).  This has
also spilled into my word study because they need to know how to
write these interesting words. I showed them how to say the word,
clap, write a line for each piece of the word. They then say the
pieces and write the sounds they hear. They have gotten very
close on many words. Example, imagination has 5 beats.  The child
puts five lines on their paper.  They then say and write
 i - ma - gi - na - tion.  They try to get as close as they can.

Other favorites for read aloud minilessons - Knots on a Counting
Rope, Flying Over Brooklyn, Isla, Abuela, Tar Beach and The Lion,
the Witch and the Wardrobe.

What's New

Scaffolding Young Writers
A Writers' Workshop Approach
Linda J. Dorn and Carla Soffos

Literature Circles
2nd Addition
Harvey Daniels

Shaping Literate Minds
Linda J. Dorn and Carla Soffos

Is That a Fact?
Tony Stead
Writing Workshop :
The Essential Guide
From the authors of Craft Lessons, Ralph Fletcher, JoAnn Portalupi

Writing Through Childhood :
Rethinking Process and Product
Shelley Harwayne, Founding Principal, The Manhattan New School,
NY, Superintendent of NY School District #2

Leveled Books for Readers,
Grades 3-6 : A companion volume to Guiding Readers and Writers
Gay Su Pinnell, The Ohio State University, Irene C. Fountas,
Lesley University

Message Baord

Just a reminder that the message board is growing
and many are now leaving messages. Our message board
can become a very central focus of exchanges of ideas
and helpfullness between each other.

Another good reason for using the message board, is
to avoid the email virii that e-mail messaging boards
are so well known for.


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