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  FrontLine Teaching
       Published By ReadingLady.com

December 8, 2001


What are we doing for the Christmas Classroom?
Funny Stuff
Southern Calif. Gathering
This & That

What are we doing for the Christmas Classroom?

What each of us do in our classrooms for Christmas is always special to our students, however when you have taught for many years it sometimes gets difficult to come up with something new that you haven’t done before.

That’s what we want to do this year. We are asking you to send in your Christmas classroom ideas. We would like to share them with all our teachers, so that next year everyone will have a library of ideas to go through to find that something new the invigorates the teacher and brings Christmas to eager to learn students.

Please consider submitting your Christmas ideas to readinglady@readinglady.com

Funny Stuff

Building background for a book about the seasons,  teacher asked her first-grader, "What season are we in now, Michael?" Michael gave this some thought and
replied, "Squirrel, I think."

Dody Nile, Newell, WV

As I was busily teaching 'odd and even' numbers, one of my students said"  I know about that"  "I learned that in Sunday School."  I , of course said"What, Honey?"  He answered The Garden of Eden---Adam and Eve. He did hear part of the lesson, I guess. He mixed up Adam for odd and Eve for even.  I got a laugh out of that one.  First graders are the best!!!

Lauren Shelton

Southern Calif. Gathering

We met at Ginny’s house. There were six of us. Three regulars and three new comers joined the group.

Our new comers included a classroom teacher, and two teacher specialists. In fact one of the ladies has heard our very own Deb Smith present last summer. She says Deb was great.

Everyone brought things to share. Sharing ranged from ideas, to lesson plans and even forms that have been developed to help facilitate some of what we do in Four ‘blocks. The sharing was terrific. It’s exciting to be with people who share the same philosophies and concerns for helping children learn to read and write. It was very inspiring to hear how people are trying to get the Four Blocks philosophy up and running even in some very constraining situations.

Some of us had been to hear Pat and Jim when they were here in October. So we also shared our notes from those conferences. We had a great time, sharing and getting to know each other. Hope to see you at the next gathering. Marti and the South. Calif. Four Blocks gatherers.

This & That

Thanks !

First of all a huge “Thank you” and a “Gold Star” for all of you that sent us e-mail addresses and/or past on our website url to other teachers and administrators.  The activity on the site has been excellent. Please keep up the good work and continue helping us to build Readinglady.com.

Errors and such stuff.

I am sitting here smiling wondering how I handle this tactfully......hmmmmm....may as well just say it......The newsletter has errors, typos, spelling problems, puncuatation missteaks...hehehe....yep and none of it is a teachers fault.....Why?  Because the good ol’ webmaster compiles the newsletter each week and ships it out without getting it checked.  Yep, slap me on the wrist, send me to the corner, give me lines to do, I promise to try and be more careful in the future, but having said that, I must inform you my wife has been working on me for years without making much headway.


We are still seeking submissions in all areas. Please consider sending your school/classroom humor and teaching articles, we are most pleased to receive them.

I would request that you send them in “raw form, and leave the formating to us, it makes it easier on everyone but the good ol’ webmaster. (Don’t worry about your grammer and spelling, he doesn’t check)

In closing: Thanks for being there for us

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