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[Past Newsletters]

  FrontLine Teaching
       Published By ReadingLady.com

November 24, 2001


1) Introducing Our New Computer Section
2) Funny Stuff
3) Literacy Night
4) This & That

1) Introducing Our New Computer Section


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2) Funny Stuff

Building background for a book about the seasons,
teacher asked her  first-grader, "What season are we in
now, Michael?" Michael gave this some  thought and
replied, "Squirrel, I think."

Dody Nile, Newell, WV

Stocking Stuffers and that
Special gift for your teacher friend

Visit our

3) Literacy Night

This year started with an unenviable assignment, a first /second combination class. Parents as well as teachers go through a whole battery of emotions. Consequently, I wanted to calm parental concerns and gain their support for the kind of classroom I wanted to conduct.   I decided to have a Literacy Night in addition to the regular Back to School Night.

At our regular Back to School Night, I announced that I would be doing a Literacy Night for our class the following week and I would discuss all of the Language Arts issues at that time.   This worked out well because I was free to discuss other concerns, and I had sufficient time to do it.

Fifteen out of nineteen families attended Literacy Night.  The focus was to explain to parents how I would meet the state standards for each grade level. (This is a major focus in our state and district.) I wanted the parents to realize that although I would be choosing alternative materials for my core reading, I would still be able to address the needs of both groups.  I gave a 4 blocks mini workshop geared for parents, handouts and all.  The thrust of the night was spent on the importance of each block and how I planned on using the state standards, to guide my instruction, and how the 4 blocks would be the framework for delivering the message. The parents were impressed and pleased. I did some hands on
lessons and demonstrations.  The mini-lessons included: Making Words, Word Wall Activities, On the Back activities, and the Beach Ball activity. In addition I modeled for parents how they could help their children with their weekly writing assignments as well as how they could coach their children while reading (based on Pat C’s coaching activities found in Guided Reading the Four Blocks Way).  Most importantly, I emphasized and demonstrated the philosophy and “multilevelness” of Four Blocks and how it would benefit all of the children.

The night was a huge success. One of my parents, a high school teacher in our district, took a beach ball back to her 9th grade class and has been using it ever since. She says the high school students enjoy it and even look forward to using the “Ball”.  I have received feedback from parents who are pleased with what is and will be happening with the children. It truly was beneficial night, and set the tone for the year. Because this night was such a success, I will probably continue having Literacy Nights

We all know that splits are not easy and they should be avoided if at all possible. But I will say that Four Blocks is making it much easier, and I don’t feel that my time is so fractured. The framework allows me to work more effectively with my most needy children.

I am including some of the
pictures that my husband had taken.

If you are interested in some of the handouts that I gave to parents you can find them at readinglady.com under the words block. Hope your  year is going well.

1/2nd Ca

4) This & That

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