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Games are an important part of the Everyday Math curriculum, therefore I try to incorporate a game into my lesson 3-4 times a week. I do 3 lessons each week, with 1-2 days of math exploration and 1 full game day, which is usually Friday. Exploration consists of setting up center activities for the children to work through. I generally set up 4 stations and have the children rotate through them.

Math Board:

30 minutes daily are spent on the following activities:

* Calendar
* Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
* Number of the Day
* Hundreds, Tens, Ones - using number of the day
* Number Word
* Money
* Time
* Number Grid for Challenge (1 more, 1 less)
* Weather
* Weather Graphs (Type of Days - sunny, rainy, snowy, etc.)
* Temperature
* Temperature Graph

Math Message:

I write my message ahead of time on a chart tablet. The message is ready for them when they return from lunch.

* Leads into the lesson, however not to be used as assessment of mastery.
* Reviews prior knowledge.


* Transparencies of journal pages guides the lesson.
* Teacher directed activity.
* Use an Exploration as follow-up to lesson.

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