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Comprehension Strategy Posters

These posters are meant to be used to supplement your teaching of the strategies outlined in the books, Mosaic of Thought and Strategies that Work (you can put link to these two books). They are intended to be used to provide a visual reference for your students and will serve as a quick reminder for them as they read independently. Many students are visual learners, and as they say - a picture says a thousand words. Feel free to download and print these for use in your classroom. They are available for use free of charge, but please be sure to mention that they came from this site. They can be printed on 8 1/2 by 11 paper, but can also be enlarged to create posters.

Created and submitted by Laura Kump, readinglady.com
Graphics and design by Al Mellis,




Asking Questions

Determining Poster

Inferring Poster

Making Connections

Owl Poster

Repairing Comprehension

Synthesizing Poster

Visualizing Poster

These posters are all originals and have been design to inlarge comfortably to 11x17 inches. They are not for resale, and fall within the copy rights protection of this website. Feel free to us them in your classroom, however reproduction for any other purpose is prohibited.

Viewing difficulties contact readinglady1@aol.com

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