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I set aside a 45 minute chunk of time on Friday mornings as  "Strategies Time."

The first week I read Kevin Henkes' new book
Wemberley Worried a young mouse who worries about everything. After we read, I talked briefly about a couple times in my life I have been really nervous about starting something new. Then we sat in a circle and all who wanted to shared a similar experience.

The second week I read
Chrysanthemum (Kevin Henkes)  aloud. We talked about how Chrysanthemum must have felt when the other girls  teased her about her name. It didn't take long for one of the kids to make a  text-self connection, at which point I referred to her comment as a text-self connection and explained what I meant, very briefly--it was still their discussion. When the discussion was winding down, everyone wrote in their reading response journals about a time when someone made fun of them--making their own text-self connections.

Third week:
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse--I  stopped periodically while reading and said things like "Wow, that reminds me of Chrysanthemum,etc" At the end, I said I had been making text-text connections. Then, they wrote something about the Lilly book that reminded them of  Chrysanthemum or

Fourth week:
Chester's Way--perfect for  text-text because Lilly is in this book too. Then we made a chart with the above four books and listed the characters/setting/problem and solution in each book.  Once we had that information on the chart it was very easy to see all the text-text connections!

Fifth week (yesterday):
Koala Lou by Mem Fox. The kids  were bursting with text-self connections but the one connection I stressed was  with the Olympics in Australia. I think the text-world concept is harder simply  because it is one step farther removed from their own lives. Next week we are studying the river and will do The River Runs Wild (Lynne Cherry) which I think will also be appropriate for text-world.

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